About Jackdaw

Jackdaw is a range of uniquely designed and handcrafted jewellery founded by Christina Winstanley.

All items are made with the aim of making you smile, sparkle and shine.

Christina has always been a jewellery fanatic, lured by the sight of something shiny…much like the humble Jackdaw! Her love of jewellery making started at a young age, often making beaded chokers and bracelets for her and her friends. She loved the feeling of creating jewellery that was unique.

So, welcome…we do hope you enjoy your visit to Jackdaw and find something special.

Our future

Jackdaw’s aim is to continue designing and crafting standout designs that bring out your sparkle and add a shine to your daily life.

Jackdaw are on a mission to create affordable jewellery that makes customers feel unique and special.

We’ll continue to run things from our studio in South Wales, UK – where it all began – but deliver worldwide to our ever growing fans of shiny jewellery. We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you sparkle as you wear your Jackdaw Jewellery.