Marrakech Acrylic Crescent Pendant



This eye catching statement necklace has been handcrafted using a beautifully detailed, embossed paper reminiscent of Morrocan design. The paper is backed onto a piece of white acrylic and coated in a thick, glossy resin to give it added luster!

Please note that due to the nature of the process used, no two pieces will ever be the same and therefore are all entirely unique!

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Product Description

☂ Whilst this necklace is waterproof to a certain extent, please do not expose it to condensation or submerge in water!

To keep your Jackdaw jewellery beautiful remember to always put your jewellery on as your ‘finishing touch’, after using perfumes, hairspray and makeup. Polish jewellery by gently buffing in a circular motion with a dry cloth to remove any finger marks etc.


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